My Life Story From What I Remember

My Life Story From What I Remember

Rap artist ADHD real name Eric James Pasko was Born In Glen Dale Heights, Illinois, on February 13th 1991.  His Father name Is James Pasko and Mothers Name is Renea Rutkowski. Eric lived in Elgin Illinois to start off his life at 400 Campus drive Elgin IL. Eric started off by saying “Most of my childhood is a blur, filled with memories I’ve spent years trying to supress”. ADHD’s Bio-logical parents got divorced when he was just 3 years old.  Bouncing around from place to place and school to school. Eric faced an abusive and neglectful childhood living with his mother.  After many different and drastic situations.  Eric wound up spending time in Alexian Brothers Juvenial Delinquient and Mental Health Center, till the State made him live with his father.

ADHD has been in and out of studios since he could remeber. ” I remeber being 3 or 4 years old falling asleep in recording studios with my Dad palying the drums. Playing the Guitars that were on the stands with my sister Jackie till 2-3am when we just passed out”. In the year 2000 Eric Moved in with his father in South Elgin IL. To Move to Burlington in 2002, to move to a small town in Northern Illinois called Kirkland in 2005. Where he graduate with High Honors, Perfect Attendence, 3.64 GPA and was a Cheered for Football player in grade school and High School. Playing Starting Varisty his Freshman year during a Senior NIght Football Game Eric was killing the other teams running backs, and delivering 51 yards kickoff returans and punt returns.  Eric got hit after the whistle one play while the opposing teams Coach was yelling at his players Eric’s Number to take him out. That night Eric Pasko severed  Brain Tissue in his left temple, and still continued to try and play.

For 6th months straight Eric had major headaches, and drastic hypertension migranes.  He found himself spending most of his time listening to the Cds he had over and over agian writing his own version to the songs..This is where it started for him, in his teen years and high school he was constantly partying, getting in trouble with Police, Fighting, was caught with drugs, loud stereos, shooting guns, disturbances with his parents that resulted in Police action and constant trouble in school.  Most of all found himself freestyling, writing songs and battling his friends after the partying and fighting calmed down of course.

On November 8th 2011, Eric and his Fiance lost their first Son Gabriel Layne Pasko.  ADHD started thinking about becoming serious in music back in 2012, when his lyrics were stolen from him by some so called “friends”.  At this time Eric still continued music but only at home as a hobby to relase stress and emotions.  Continuing to write Eric had lost all of his music more than five times due to laptop crashes. On September 04th, 2013 Eric and his Fiance Amber Rose Cadie had their 2nd son Hayden James Pasko.  Whom is healthy and here today. After constalty loosing everything and about ready to give up on music due to lifes suprises.  In November 2017 Eric went full force recording and doing shows for multiple lables.  He has released one track at this time and has another 5 pending.  Now in 2018 ADHD is expected to have an impressive year with his numbers and has many concerts planned.  He is known all over the World already From India to Japan, Germany to Australlia and even Romania, and Russia. As we stand waiting excitedly for the next release.

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