The below artists are featured on the upcoming compilation album Undiscovered Gold Volume 1 distributed via Hood And Associates/ Universal Music Group Distribution, a In Grooves partnership.













RatedR4Rashad Is A Upcoming Rapper, Song Writer, Visionary, Thee C.E.O Of R.Star Music & Founder Of R.Star Clothing BRAND.
Born in Boston Massachusetts growing up in the Roxbury Neighborhoods with his mother and father. Track & Field Was A Sport Forced upon RatedR4Rashad as a Child Which Kept Him Busy & Out The Mean Streets Of Boston, where kids grow up in rough conditions, and neighborhood beefs are common.
RatedR4Rashad attended madison park technical vocational high school class of 2006.
Rated R4 Rashad lost his Father to cancer In 2008. He became a father for the first time to a beautiful baby girl In 2011. The artist has 28 other siblings and a son with a strong loving mother who has battled and defeated breast cancer in 2016 with more cancer attacking her cells now, Rashad hopes to use music as a way to gain money for her treatments.





KiNG MYDA$ Born in Compton California, raised and molded by the streets.  King Mydas is an upcoming rap artist that writes and produces his own unique music.  King Mydas grew up with a single mother who had him at the age of 17.  When he was 12 years old, the loss of his beloved grandfather led him to attempt suicide, and become an habitual runaway.

This destructive lifestyle was an introduction to a path of recklessness, experiencing juvenile hall, becoming a ward of the court, and receiving a felony all by the age of 16. Living with his Grandmother, King Mydas did have a positive outlet, through sports, with his first love, soccer.  Yet, the lure of the streets reeled him into a criminal lifestyle.

Mesmerized by the drug dealing culture, King Mydas found himself following this path.  When listening to his songs one can share and feel his pain, sorrow, experiences and blessings.  It’s MYDAS…

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