The below artists are featured on the upcoming compilation album Undiscovered Gold Volume 1 distributed via Hood And Associates/ Universal Music Group, a In Grooves partnership.


Young Arild

Jonathan Hunter Arild is otherwise known as the rapper  Young Arild.  He was born in Palo Alto, California in the Bay Area.   He lives with his Family in Auburn and makes music with his friends while he  goes to School. He has been working in music since he was 9 years old.

He started writing and recording lyrics over already made beats on my iPod touch my 8th grade year.  Throughout High School he started using Garage Band and making my beats to put lyrics over I dropped my first song my junior year of High School. He released several singles before dropping his first 7 track Mixtape: Perspective.  He continues to write and record songs and is happy to be working with Hood And Associates in Undiscovered Gold Volume 1.





Born as Nana, in Port Au Prince Haiti, The Real Lady Don had to learn how to have faith in God at a young age. Surrounded by disease poverty and hopelessness, God made his existence known to her at a young age regardless of the evils and destruction that she was surrounded by.
“I say my greatest passage that has helped me in my life to survive and Dark Places is Plasm 23 verse 4: Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. The love and word as well as the power of God has had the most influence in my life. “ says The Real Lady Don of her hardship
“As a young girl I use to gather at the church alter to sing in front of the congregation. The presence of God in my life has blessed me and gifted me with many talents causing me to want to express myself through ART writing, cooking as well as other organizational details. “
The Real Lady Don’s dream is to use her talents to build a church for the wild, remind people of the goodness of God and most of all maybe help direct some of her people back to the light for, as she says, “this life can sometimes be so dark”.
She is Hoping that her music and her prayers can spring life into those that have ears to listen. The real Lady Don can be found on social media via the following links:
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


RatedR4Rashad Is A Upcoming Rapper, Song Writer, Visionary, Thee C.E.O Of R.Star Music & Founder Of R.Star Clothing BRAND.
Born in Boston Massachusetts growing up in the Roxbury Neighborhoods with his mother and father. Track & Field Was A Sport Forced upon RatedR4Rashad as a Child Which Kept Him Busy & Out The Mean Streets Of Boston, where kids grow up in rough conditions, and neighborhood beefs are common.
RatedR4Rashad attended madison park technical vocational high school class of 2006.
Rated R4 Rashad lost his Father to cancer In 2008. He became a father for the first time to a beautiful baby girl In 2011. The artist has 28 other siblings and a son with a strong loving mother who has battled and defeated breast cancer in 2016 with more cancer attacking her cells now, Rashad hopes to use music as a way to gain money for her treatments.



KiNG MYDA$ Born in Compton California, raised and molded by the streets.  King Mydas is an upcoming rap artist that writes and produces his own unique music.  King Mydas grew up with a single mother who had him at the age of 17.  When he was 12 years old, the loss of his beloved grandfather led him to attempt suicide, and become an habitual runaway.

This destructive lifestyle was an introduction to a path of recklessness, experiencing juvenile hall, becoming a ward of the court, and receiving a felony all by the age of 16. Living with his Grandmother, King Mydas did have a positive outlet, through sports, with his first love, soccer.  Yet, the lure of the streets reeled him into a criminal lifestyle.

Mesmerized by the drug dealing culture, King Mydas found himself following this path.  When listening to his songs one can share and feel his pain, sorrow, experiences and blessings.  It’s MYDAS…



Cain Hernandez, rapper name “Cane Mex” aka “C Mex” from (LatinBoss Rap Group) based out of Los Angeles was born in Handford, California not to far from Fresno. his passion for music didn’t really start till his teenage days growing up in West LA were he started writing and rapping about the things he seen growing up.
He also got introduced to the streets, gang violence and facing incarceration and state time around 2006 paroling in 2008 focusing in another direction he aimed more on his music, being around rappers like “Kokoe” and “Dj Paul” (36 mafia) to photo shoots with “Kid Frost” and working with many local rappers and producers in L.A.
In 2016 he released his first album on his own titled “LatinBoss Gz” with his hit single “That’s Gangsta” which mostly created a street buzz And “Trust No 1” witch was featured in a movie tilted “Trust No 1” early 2018, to doing shows in local city’s with artist like (knocturnal, BadAzz from DeathRow, Spice1, LilRob, ShugaFree, WestCoastKam and many more..) he is now working with his group on various projects like the (NarcoTrap EP) prod by 89 productions, coming soon.. and runs his own clothing line (LatinBossClothing)


Jormaniak believed music was born in him ever since moving to Mexico and discovering a lone guitar on the wall in his family home. He use to listen to linkin park, white stripes, blink 182, green day all the way to eminem, 50 cent, and different types of music genres.

This sparked a fire in him to make him want to make music on his own. He picked up that dusty guitar which was missing two strings and learned on his own how to play his favorite songs by ear. At age 8, his mom was so impressed she paid for guitar lessons for him. His musical talent comes from his granfather. Jormaniak loves art and culture and has given up his dream of being a professional soccer player in hopes of achieving major success in the music business.

He is happy to team up with Hood And Associates on the Undiscovered Gold Volume 1 music compilation in Spring 2018.


Rakim Breeden started music when  he was 20 years old having fun with it just a way to have a outlet from the craziness he was surrounded by. He got serious about 5 months ago and been relentlessly pushing to make it to the top. He is 22 years old. He can only go up from here, vowing to never go to jail again and follow a better path in life. He is from Murfreesboro, N.C THE 252  Himself and his brother Adrian aka Guilotine are making music and planing a take over.




L.E.O. (David Rivas)

Young Texas rap artist ,born in Corpus Christi Texas.

Been freestyling and writing music since I was 15.

Just trying to put my all into my music and make a better life for my loved ones.

Instagram: @leo_361 Sound cloud: David Rivas , Email Address: [email protected]

Former battle rapper on You Tube my battle rap alias was Rivas.

Ready to start making moves and make the best music I can for my family, friends ,and fans.

Tony Cruz

Young Texas rap artist/professional boxer ,born in Beeville TX.

Been writing music for since I was 20 was boxing 10 years, music is something I love to do

And want to help my loved ones one day .  I have 2 sons I stay in Oklahoma music is life to me

And I want to show anyone can make it if you put your mind to it,

I like to write music everyday and stay dedicated in what I do.

JayRoy (Josh Smith)

Engineer/Musician, 28 years old. Born in Ardmore, OK

I’ve been playing guitar for 17 years and recording music for 5 years.

All I wanna do is make my dream a reality and inspire others to do the same.

I love my family and friends more than anything in the world and I wanna

make this a successful career so I can take care of them in ways I could never have imagined.