Steven aka cleevone was born in Fairfield ca, and  raised in the south east side of Chicago growing up in a dysfunctional home which may created the Thrive escaping in the sounds of music his own rhythm and beat started to take form ,now as A young adult ,aspirations of becoming a self proclaimed producer Have fueled his dreams and desires of living for the life in music into reality .
Lil’ Angel (Angel Castaneda) was born and raised in El Centro, CA. He’s had a passion for music at the age of 6 when he first heard “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac Shakur. Started off writing poetry and now putting his words onto music. Putting his hometown on the map and making his passion into his profession are his main goals.

As a teenager Elvis Decena never gave up his dreams of been a Singer-Songwriter he started chasing artist to show then is writing and ideas and undead up as a backup singer in local bands and preparing himself and getting the conference to transform his dreams into passion, motivation in every song he wrote. In the early years 2000 he came out with the name “Decena”  building his own sounds and style, getting better and better than before like the wine. Now with his own name Elvis Decena his music

Is a banger at the club with great sounds making fans from all ages and gender all over the world with his songs.