The below artists are featured on the upcoming compilation album Undiscovered Gold Volume 1, 2, 3,4,5, 6, 7, & 8 distributed via Hood And Associates mainstream, worldwide distribution.



                              Volume 1: AVAILABLE NOW

Volume 2: AVAILABLE NOW            






                                   Volume 8: NOVEMBER 2020

Volume 9: OCTOBER3 2020

Volume 10:  JANUARY 2021




The Band of the Hawk, the mercenary company known as DEF on the battlefield, are a spacious affair: all looped menace and blunted minutiae, not unlike early RZA productions; if he had been raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward worshiping 90’s hood flicks more than kungfu cinema and stuck in a Mario Brothers maze.  These early efforts have since been re-absorbed, shoving way towards the Hawks’ penchants for texture over bombast, interpretation over definition.  The current line-up of the Hawks: Noah Archangel, Yeaux Majesty, Houey Freeman, P.Ey3, Spear Chukka, DJ Mastermind and Whoa Vada – succeeds in meeting the audience’s current expectation from a hip-hop group.  Each personality is equally present and distinguishable from track to track, regardless of preferred artistic attack.  Whether Noah raps or produces, or Yeaux spits coolness on the mic first or last, listeners know the unmistakable gumbo that is the Band of the Hawk ”

7Spiritz is the newest addition to the Hood and Associates Record Label, first ever artist/producer to be signed out of New Zealand. He has a unique style and a different feel from what you already know primarily influenced by his upbringing. He is of an African decent and that shows a lot in his music. Inspired a lot by the Jamaican music scene (dancehall and ragga) as well as the 90s to the recent HipHop. He already got features with the likes of Kevin Posey from Oklahoma and Chozxn from Minneapolis and more from New Zealand and Australia. Be sure to keep an eye on him as he is surely the next big thing.
LIL K4HUNA is a Hawaiian rap artist from Newnan, Georgia. He’s been tracking, mixing, and mastering songs since 2017. Being a musical creator has been his passion his whole life, and he’s steadily working on growing his music and his skill set. He makes the most melancholy tracks to the most aggressive, there is no end to the musical spectrum of his creation. Part of his message is moving away from large conglomerates and moving back towards what makes a good song a good song.
His name is Chuchi Jones, A Music Artist And An Inspired Song Writer
From the MidWest:
Hammond, IN Right Outside The Statelines Of Chicago IL.
What Sets him Apart As A Artist Is His Skill As A Song Writer And His Thinking Proces. He Views A Fantasy  And Brings It To Life As Being A Creator Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Him.
“What inspired Me Was My Closest Homie Passed Away An He The One that Showed Me What Rapping and Lyrics Were About. An Other Artists Like Future,Chief Keef ,Nbayoungboy ,2 Pac & Biggie Also Has Influences On Me. P.S. I Do This For All My Homies That Past or That Is Locked 🔒 Up…”
Orion Keefe Antrobus was born October 18th, 1990 and is professionally Known As Varain Beatz. He
 was Born In the Brooklyn borough of New York City and was raised in The East New York Neighborhood.
 He began to listen to music at the early age of 6 yrs old,his mother kept a big Crate Of CDs, and one of the 
first records that he pulled was JAY-Z’s Single CD “Dead President”. From then is when 
he Wanted to know how music Was Made,At 17 years Old, Varain attended George Westinghouse Voc High.
His name is Carlos Palmer, his rap name is what  others can call him by “Caashhy”. He’s from Newport News Virginia, there are many variations of rappers but not all can say they have a different sound and style most have the same melody every time but caashhy has that melodic vibe , where he can switch it up all in one song or multiple songs, and that what makes him stand out. At first rap was never a serious thing for him but soon he started to get more into it and eventually he took it serious and his focus on it was spectacular and he grew into it. He has quite a lot of  people supporting him but his main support group consists of: his family,his girlfriend, his manager Dwight , his close friend j.linnn which he has made songs with that were outstanding.
Ken OG is an Artist, Rapper, Poet from Tacoma WA. Ken grew up listening and loving Rock and Roll Hip Hop and vibing to everything from Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Asap Rocky to Guns and Roses and Nirvana. He fell in love with music and poetry  at a young age. Loving almost all genre Ken created his own sound he calls Alternative Hip Hop.


Jianetti “Music is interpretive. Every artist creates music with what they see and feel, and we all don’t see and feel the same thing.”
Throughout his musical career, he has performed in several cities and states but it all started for him in Taylor, Michigan where he was born and raised. He raps, sings, beatboxes and plays the piano, and he plans to learn more musical outlets as he continues to progress as an artist. He’s a passionate person and music has always been the outlet for him to express himself.
Through the anger and happiness, the struggles and successes, music has always been there to help him put these moments into words. The more he performed, the more he noticed along the way that people shared the same love for music, and he found a new motivation to do this for others just as much as he does it for himself and his family. So through your ups and your downs, know that you’re not alone.
His Agenda: Performing, Networking and Growing. “My music would not be what it is today without my supporters: family, friends and fans alike.”
T. Davis is an hot new artist coming from Bakersfield, Ca. His background is the Jerkin Movement followed up by his own, the T. Davis. His first performance was with Los Angeles hip hop star, YG. That is when T. Davis knew that the music industry was meant for him. T. Davis loves performing and getting involved with the audience. With his warm personality its hard not to listen to what the FlightBoy has to say in his music. He is a Quadruple threat with Playing The Drums ,rapping, singing and dancing. Something the entertainment industry is lacking Quote from T. Davis, “I want to change the game of music for the culture today. I want to make music that will appear to a vast audience, not just a particular style or sound.”

He goes by pharoh Spitta a.k.a da real Spitta. Born and raised in Memphis TN, his fast and stylish flows are not to be missed, and when you hear his music you know he is not playing around. He don’t know a thing but to give you a sr8 drop every time! Facts, check Pharoh Spitta background.

Big SilenCA

Big SilenCA is a LA based West Coast recording & performance artist since the age of 18. His lyricism is admired by his peers earning him the 2012 SouthBay Best New Hip Hop Artist award presented to him by Jayo Felony’s Loco Entertainment group. He independently sold 20,000 copies of his debut album “Independent Gold”.

Big SilenCA created his “West Coast We Active” clothing line. He sported his clothing line in his music videos (“I’m High” (featuring Slip Capone & Cyzer Loks) “I Don’t Hear What You’re Talkin’ About”) & while rockin stages.

Big SilenCA has performed on over 100 big stages alongside Nipsey Hussle, YG, All 5 members of Bone Thugs & Harmony, Suga Free, Baby Bash, Fat Joe, Redman, Dogg Pound Daz & Kurupt. The big stages are not a problem for Big SilenCA he embraces it with excellence.

In 2019, he released the single titled “Dead Soldier” on all music platforms. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles, CA by cinematographer DoubleDee is released exclusively on Latin Beast TV.

​ On September 25, 2019 Big SilenCA released his 6th album titled “Real Rap (Tha RR album). Album is available on all major music platforms including ITunes, YouTube, Google Play, Spotify etc.

In February 2020 Big SilenCA released his single titled “Chuuuch”. Music video was released exclusively on Latin Beast TV.

Victor Garcia Aka Spookout. Born May 12, 1988.  A bull. Army retired. Special ops. Audio Engineer, Rapper, DJ, Beat Maker. Loves all sports, especially soccer. You can find him in the studio all day and never gives up. Making music. Will get to the money and win a grammy. Favorite Quote “ I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself, A frozen bird will fall frozen dead from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself. By D.H. Lawrence


NewAge a Hip Hip Trio by Kevie Rimes from Fresno california. In 2018 he started NewAge Productions. The group has two other main members Robert York And Chris Skinner Aka Rob Dogg and C-So. NewAge did it cause they have their own story.

Introducing amazing new artist, song-writer and C.E.O., 88 LO. He is far from your average rapper. He wears many hats in this industry. Not only is he a triple-threat (raps, produces and sings) he is also C.E.O. of his own label, 88 MUSIC GROUP, LLC. The innate ability he possesses to think beyond his circumstances and his fierce determination to win put him ahead of the curve

Born JamalMcLean in Spanish Town aka “Hangman Town” in Jamaica, West Indies, he came to the United States at the age of 15 years old where he lived in the Bronx, N.Y. His neighborhood was plagued with drugs, crime and gangs, very much like Kingston. He quickly fell in with the wrong crowd and eventually found himself incarcerated and facing 25 years to life. At that moment LO decided he needed to change the direction his life was headed in. He got on his knees and prayed to God with all his might for forgiveness and promised to walk a straight path. His prayers were answered, he was found not guilty and released. Now it was time to make good on the promises he made to God.

LO transitioned from the street life to an artist and businessman with the help of his longtime friend and mentor Pras of The Fugees. “Pras is the big bro. He keeps me inspired and guides me as an artist. He has been so successful and has so much knowledge about the music industry. He keeps me on point.”

LO began investing his time, money and full energy into studio sessions and creating his label. He and his friends had started their own group called 88. Each member had a different skill and talent to contribute to the group. Some sang, others rapped and/or made beats. In 2017, 88 LO, 88 GOLDIE, 88 CedDean and 88 K-Dogg released their first track, “TrapHouse” with a visual for YouTube. It received close to 500 views! This was just the beginning…

His hard work payed off when DJ K-SLAY caught wind of the single, “TrapHouse“. He was quite impressed with the song, in particular, 88 LO’s verse. He reached out to LO and they began to build a working relationship. In late summer 2018 LO released his first solo single, “Betrayed“, to rave reviews! To date, the video has garnered over 30, 000 views on YouTube. Six months later he dropped his first official project, “Millionaire Dreams Billionaire Nightmares” mixtape hosted by, none other than, DJ K-SLAY. Lead by the blazing hot single, “Spray It” ft. Dave East, It is quickly becoming a certified street classic!

Compton’s very own J-Familiar aka Jaray the underground King of the grind, hard work and dedication. Over two decades of consistency through ups and downs, turn arounds, fails and re-try again. Get Familiar with J.
His music speaks for itself when you really listen to it, coming from a town where you’re looked down on for being a rapper, ACE stands up for what he believes in. Mcbain, Mi made him into the rapper he is, with out having any other rap influences around him. He’s just trying to prove you don’t need the approval from anyone but yourself to get to where you want to be. His flow is so much different from anything else you’ve heard, ACEDit100 is something else, something rare.
PipeZilla aka Pipez is an aggressive versatile artist. With a rugged hardcore hip hop vibe Pipezilla is a great artist for any hip hop head that has a love for the craft.
Wicked is an Artist from Houston Co. Ga. Born in D.C. Raised in the Ga correctional system, Wicked embodies the street element with a Southern swagger unlike any other artist. Now residing in California, he blends the Southern trap with the West Coast sound.
Shaka banton artist song writer born in texas raised in new york.   Shaka’s music is featured on over 60 mixtapes with dj young cee. Shaka’s music can be found here amazon,tidal,apple music itunes and spotify and in 49 countries and 537 cities around the world.Shaka says music saved his life it gave him an open door out from the oppression in his environment.There is no doubt that this recording artist will be a house hold name because shaka says his music is not a dream but a reality.Shaka has been along side some of the top artist in the industry on mixtapes,lil wayne 50 cent keavin gates young buck lloyd banks mr rivers future to name a few, shaka banton on twitter instagram facebook iheartradio for all the latest info and new music.
Lutha Moon is from Plant City, Florida. After receiving a scholarship to play football in college, upon graduation, ran into some trouble with small narcotic charges. He has always had aspirations of being a music artist and his luck turned around upon meeting Ditch and Hood And Associates. He now has a deal with the label. 2019 looks like a promising year for Lutha as he releases his music for the first time, worldwide.
LEAVING EMERALD CITY is an award-winning, singer/songwriter Isaiah Gleason  has been a Seattle-area mainstay for over 12 years. He has left an impression on a legion of devoted fans that have been inspired by his amazing voice as well as his masterfully crafted songs. His range, as a performer, is nearly limitless. In Isaiah’s hands, an acoustic guitar becomes an integral part of a well told story that is sure to entertain any crowd.
Armed with loads of new material to complement his new Single and an amped live performance, Isaiah secures his spot as one of the top singer songwriter’s hailing from Seattle
Isaiah garnered accolades in 2014 with his former band Riverbend by winning a local radio KZOK contest for “Best Local Band,” and were also finalists in local television KING 5 “Best of Western Washington” five times in a row. He has fast become fan favorites in the Seattle/Everett area having shared the stage with the likes of The Presidents of the United States, Spike and The Impalers, Live, Brandie Carlile Alice in Chains and Daughtry.
DJ Red Riley is a product of Baton Rouge, La AKA Jigga City. He’s had a passion for music every since he first heard his brother rap. When his brother passed away unexpectedly that’s when he decided to focus more on music as a way to honor his brother’s memory. Putting on for the culture, making timeless music, motivate others to follow their dreams, and honoring his brother are his goals for his music. If you believe it then you  can conceive it. Follow him on social media: @DJREDRILEY
IKE  is a highly talented and motivated artist from Ohio. He is very excited to release new music via his just inked deal with Hood And Associates . 2019 Looks to be a very promising year for IKE as he moves to expand his fan base via this new deal.
Paradise is a young artist from the Bay Area specifically Oakland, CA. A single father With a blessed valuable talent harmonizing and creating fun music. Paradise Isn’t just a name , its a lifestyle that everyone creates within themselves on the idea of what your own paradise would be on earth. The peace, and enjoyment of success and the love of the finer thing’s. Paradise is also in connection with his family; cousin ,boxer Devin Haney , from sho time  TV boxing. The  artist Is Currently working on big projects for the upcoming years and is always staying ahead of the game.

Electric Hound is an American hard rock band from Hesperia, CA formed in 2015. Members consist of brothers’ Ted Cendejas on lead vocals and bass guitar, George Cendejas on lead guitar and Billy Cendejas on drums.

In September 2016, the rock n’ roll power trio won a coveted spot on the Hair Nation Festival at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater after being judged by Lita Ford, Tracii Guns, Brent Woods, Jay Ruston and Eddie Trunk at the Battle For Hair Nation event held at Whisky A Go Go. Electric Hound has supported L.A. Guns, Jack Russell’s Great White, BulletBoys and Bang Tango to name a few.

On May 18, 2018 the band released their debut EP Shoot To Thrillwhich features three songs, “Pick Your Poison”, “Six Guns”, and “Shoot To Thrill”.

23 Year Old Newport, Arkansas rapper Kinfolk Fross Signs a distribution deal with “Hood Associates In Grooves Kinfolk Fross is working on a new project named “I Am The GOAT” that’s releasing sometime in 2019. Earlier this year on New Year’s Day Kinfolk dropped his solo EP “Eyes On The Prize” which you find on all Major platforms such as Spotify, ITunes, Google Play Store, IHeartRadio, Tidal, Shazam & More.

Rapper Kinfolk Fross said he’s still in the trenches/struggle trying make my way out by doing what he do best. Grinding hard and working a’lot, always staying consistence every day.”

“He says It’s hard out here in this cold world and he is way too talented. So he put his lyrics to use in his music because he has so many stories to tell. Rapper Kinfolk Fross started making music at the age of 8. Watching his big brother Jermaine freestyle a’lot as a child made him want to start so he ran with it from there. Kinfolk has been making music for 15 years and never gave up and now its starting to pay off for him.

Be on the lookout for his new project ” I Am The GOAT ” along with a couple singles called “Boss Up & Count Me Out & he has a new visual coming out for the holidays named “Lil Christmas Sleigh” presented by FOA.



Artist Mike💯Forever was born in Atlanta , Ga He started Doing music at a young age in high school. He was influenced by southern music and southern style hip – hop. He attended Community College and uses his music to stay positive and guiding him through his career.

Jaes is Artist from Richmond California Aka RealRichmond Rich City, RichLand what ever you want to call it a city that’s in in the middle of the Bay Area where most of the solid come from, where the real are generated from that’s  what really got him into music.



Ozmosis is a San Diego based hip-hop artist that was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. He has always been involved in music since he was a kid, but started making music once he graduated high school. His music consist of an old school flow over vibey beats. Influences include artist like Jay prince, Mick Jenkins, earl sweatshirt, goldlink and producers like Freddie Joachim, KAYTRANADA, and JAEGER


BMeier, also known as BMeierThaProducer by his music, is a producer/recording artist from Southwest Canada. Grew up in the Medicine Hat area of Alberta. A signature sound composed in a variety of styles, that brings soulful and funky vibes with unique rhythms. Working at his craft for 8 years and counting. Be on the look out for up and coming releases from the musician on all major digital stores. Distribution provided by Hood and Associates

Big Omeezy is E40‘s permanent onstage hype man for over 20 plus years. Omeezy has worked with Hood And Associates on several projects including with Lil Nate Dogg on “Oweee”, and “Go”. He also did a Notorious Big EDM revamp version of “Juicy” in which a music video was also released.
Chainflower is powerhouse rock from LA feat. guitarist Kelly Wheeler, bassist Eliot Lorango (Dorothy), drummer Brandon Pertzborn (Ho99o9) and Orly Lari (Early Rise). Wheeler worked w/ many industry stars including Jane’s Addiction, Guns N’ Roses and Tool. Chainflower released their acclaimed debut EP w/ Stone Temple Pilots engineer Doug Grean. They are currently working with renowned producers Joel Hamilton (Highly Suspect) and Sean Gould (Hollywood Undead). Chainflower is a modern cocktail of Led Zeppelin, FlyLeaf, QOTSA, Iggy Pop, The Pretty Reckless. A Hood & Associates artist for the Undiscovered Gold Volume 7 album.

2 Doses ,originally from Merced,Ca comes with a loud , fast paced, energetic flow with tactical  punchlines on intricate beats. His Album “Tha Over-Dose” is available now everywhere music is digitally sold or streamed . This Chicano rapper “Plays For Keeps” with his hit single raking in over a million views on worldstar . Be on the look for more music to come from the Central California Kid. A Hood & Associates

Slaughter Queen is ready to show the world her new tricks beyond skate parks and ramp skating. The 19-year old professional skateboarder does more than freestyle skateboarding. The Boca Raton, FL, native spends long hours in the recording sessions, modeling, and strategizing which songs to add to her first project as a female rapper.
The newest addition to the Kamp 36 record label is adventurous and witty but fierce. One thing for sure, Slaughter Queen is passionate about entertaining people.
She got her start in music as child when she found herself in several school musicals. Everyone noticed her musical talent at a young age but Slaughter Queen humbly enjoyed being apart of the show. That’s where she was most comfortable. As time went on, she started making her own rap videos in her room as something fun to do. After viral feedback and hundreds of emojis from people in the comment section she was just inspired to keep pushing her rap videos to the next level.

Now that the recording studio is her new home, she still finds time to skateboard several times a week just not competitively anymore. On her free time, she enjoys being on the beach in South Florida surfing, skateboarding

, and wakeboarding.
She is currently working on several projects with a fall 2018 deadlines and release dates.

 Tone Capone Is from Dayton, Ohio. He had lived and loved music since he was a young 9 years old. After spending time free-styling for his family and friends, he decided to record his music. All his songs he says are a “gift from God” . Grinding hard putting on for his city has so far gained him 6 million plays on SoundCloud.
SAGIGURL/FIFIMARZ  was raised in Brooklyn, NY . She listened to all sounds and types of music. From Africañ music, Haitian music, Spanish music, from jive to the 80’s disco , hip hop to 90’s , dance hall / freestyle to Pop music and many more. She loves singing, modeling, and dancing and loves performing on stage. She hopes to one day take her music global. She is happy  to be on Hood And Associates Undiscovered Gold Volume 7.
KyrstaleSavage is from Indiana  and raised in Miami she does rap, Sings and writes.
she  started her Savage supreme brand back in 2014.
a paid muse/nudist she hustles and goes the extra mile it’s never crowded.
The breadwinner in her family and failure is never an option.
Rev Lane is a producer and writer from Los Angeles, CA. He is pursuing a career in music and is going to school for it. Listen to “Swirl [Remix]” now!
Len From Da Lane got into music in an odd way. Len Stated ” Someone broke into my house, and since I didn’t know who did it, I wrote a rap about it addressing the situation”. He never found out who broke in his house, but his passion for music was born. Originally known as just Len when he started out. Len Stated” I lived down the bayou on a lane. Its not a road or street, but a lane. So one day when I was rapping I said this “Lil Len from da lane ” and the name stuck. Raised in a small town known as Donaldsonville, Len became the talk of the town with his reality raps. Len soon caught the attention of a local label there Do It Big Entertainment. Together they released his debut album ” Reality Club”. The success of the album found Len taking calls with Capital Records. After the deal fell through Len found himself back on the indie scene, ready to give the world that “Reality Club”.

Kid Ice started rapping when He was about 16 and that was thanks to Lil wayne, Kid Ice took a liking to the rappers sound, style and wit.

Sharkk Wit 2k’s was born into the music scene in New Jersey and has been rapping since the age of 19. He takes time with his songs and looks forward to being a Collab artist with Hood And Associates 


Lil D also know as guadalupe aaron douglas was born in oklahoma city oklahoma and first started creating beats in 2004 as a producer and then he then became the first person in his family to start his own business and then it took off from their as his own credibility and then from their he started to work on his first album or ep and then he started to purchase beats and by the time he was 25 he had his own microphone to help with creating his own music in his house and then also make music that he loves to create.




Gilbert Hall grew up in the small town of Savannah Georgia. He always thought and dreamed in sound, rhythm and beats. He uncovered passion for music during his  first Fl studio session with a friend. From that point he deeply involved himself in composing music , some song writing and the productivity of quality music.

D- MAJOR  is from Topeka, Ks (From Trenton, Tn)
He started in music in 2005. His hopes for his career are to: keep god first, to be the best, provide for his  daughter, and never forget where he came from. Last But Not Least To Build his Own Label

Dem J Boi’z consists of Kareem (Scooby) Johnson, Rickey (Big Rick) Johnson, and Terrance (Marvalous) Johnson. They are from Shreveport, Louisiana home of the “Ratchet”, they have been creating a unique sound of music now for 10 yrs. Since their father passed Rickey W. Demming they continued to enforce his movement of music. What you are about to witness are three brothers bringing Hip Hop and R&B to another level.




Is a NYC artist from the Bronx, his unique rap style paints vivid mental pictures for his listeners.

Hailing out of San Antonio, Texas Kenyatta mixes R&B with hip hop creating a trap-soulish type of vibe. Kenyatta sings with passion that you are guaranteed to feel from the inside out. Influenced by the early 90’s and today’s culture.
I am Jsmoov aka:Fredo with the sauce. I am a producer and song writer for Rnb, Hip-hop, pop, gospel and country. I J have a special ear for music and I’m easy to work!

 2 Doses

From the Heart of Cali, 2 Doses comes from Merced that’s located right in Central California . This 30 year old Army Vet is going from the Front lines to front stage.
BINGE TV EXCLUSIVE CEO SHUG WHITE has put together on of the best musical ensembles in recent memory. How? By using his diverse cultural background, the CEO of BINGE TV EXCLUSIVE lured the most talented and unknown voices to join the movement without any assurances other than the CEO’s unwavering belief in himself. The most interesting enlistee was ARCH ANGEL. (A-2). A solo artist. What was immediately apparent was his extremely humble nature contrasted by his absolute knowledge that he will succeed. Clinging to his solo roots, he delivered to us a series of tremendous songs, “COME DWELL” and “TIKI TA TA. A-2 has been nominated for (5) awards including “BEST MALE VOCALISTS” and “BEST REGGAE ARTISTS”. Today, he is on tour with the awards nominees and he is about to release a new video for his New Tune “TIKI TA TA”.
Growing up in Nelson Park Apartments on the East Side of Columbus Ohio, Yung Bay Bay was influenced by music at the age of 3. His love for music recently inspired him to begin recording with Like Minds ENT., and is currently working on releasing his first mixtape “The Come Up”.
Her emcee name is Cronica, she is an indie artist/rapper/beatmaker from Canada. 34 years old been rapping since she was 17 and started writing poems since the age of 11. Music has always been and continues to be her therapy, outlet, how she copes with everything. Her music comes straight from her heart and soul! Being creative and able to write songs is a gift from God so she loves making songs giving all glory to the one who blessed her with this talent! Through ups and downs it has always helped her to keep her sanity and stay positive. She had a surgery 3 months ago which she made a song to called “Your Peace” (single) which is also available everywhere. Her latest (single) “Run Up” also available everywhere. After surviving her surgery where she had three blood transfusion just to make it out she feels so blessed to continue to do what she loves to do. She lost her bro and uncle within the last year and a half so she feels like she has to go ten times harder for them. They both were very talented artists as well. Life is too short to not do what you love music is her passion, her life, her favorite hobby! She loves how music can touch you like no other, change your mood, and lift your spirits up that is power! Music is her pain killer.

It’s ACEDit100, born 1997, reppin Michigan and the 231 out of a tiny farm town called McBain. He is just trying to be the voice for all the ones that want to make it out of a place everyone says they can’t. Music is the one thing that never goes away, so why not make your own?

SoundCloud: @acedit100

Adam Houston is a newly Chicago based producer & singer-songwriter hailing from Houston, TX. He has honed his vocal & guitar chops over the years performing & recording blues, roots & soul music. A long love for hiphop & electronic beats as well as a passion for producing motivated him to infuse his roots with electronic production, creating a smooth blend of soulful & dark electro-pop.

L-Narez is a Latin American recording artist born and raised in Queens New York. Living most of his later adolescent years in Tampa Florida and currently living in Miami Florida this artist brings a Latin American sound to the hip hop culture creating radio friendly crossover records with features ranging from Joe Budden to Joyner Lucas to hip hop legend queensbridge’s very own Nature. With most of L-Narez’s records being produced by Harlem’s legendary Omen, this undiscovered artist has been surrounding himself with the best of the best.



Born in the mid 90s, dAUG has been surrounded by all genres of music his whole life. Hiphop is however his favorite genre and he’s started writing while in high school. He has recently started recording and releasing his music and is grinding hard to make his name known!

$lo¢ is an up and coming artist from Philadelphia. His music can be calm and lyrical but also turnt up and catchy. He wants to expand his versatility as well as make a name for himself and his city. Keep your eye out for him…


Tony Wasaya
“Stage name Tony Tag
Born in San Diego California
Raised in San Francisco California
Labels : Eyeconic Music CEO
Worked with :
E-40/TooShort/Compton Menace/August Alsina/ Belly / French Montana / JADAKISS / Kevin gates / san Quinn / method man / Mac dre / Thizz / we the best / trend Settah / rap a lot / Yukmouth / ace hood / Lil Wayne / OBH /SOBXRBE / yhungTo /sneakk /Flex city / GODER magazine / Splitarillos #EyeconicClothing /macwoods

CashG is 1of six in a underground music group(SelfMadeFamily.MG) born and raised thru the stuggle in Detroit MI says now he is taking music serious to show his kids the skies are the limits he also states to be the struggles voice and will soon be dropping his first mixtape

Forclosures and evictions vol1 and releasing SMF on trial soon.
Adam Houston is a newly Chicago based producer & singer-songwriter hailing from Houston, TX. He has honed his vocal & guitar chops over the years performing & recording blues, roots & soul music. A long love for hiphop & electronic beats as well as a passion for producing motivated him to infuse his roots with electronic production, creating a smooth blend of soulful & dark electro-pop.

Kiwi Struggles and LBS born and raised in California. Both fell in love with the rap game at a young age. Obsessed since, they work to bring back Old School Hip Hop with their own unique style. Their intentions are to make a positive impact in music like it has in their life. And hopefully make a positive impact on the world.


O.M.G. Savage 6


Isaiah Brown known as Zay Brown is an upcoming rapper/singer from New Britain Connecticut currently living and working as a Chef on Catalina Island Zay is an independent artist who has faced nothing but odds his entire life two years ago he lost his 24 year old sister in a tragic car accident which not only took her life but one of her friends life as well Zay was only 21 when this occurred but his faith in the Lord and the love and support from his family is what keeps him going Zay is currently working on a 10 track ep titled Overlooked and is looking to release this project at a later date as of right now Zay is on his way to making his mark in the music industry and doesn’t plan on letting anything or anyone stop him.


Recording Artist, performer and songwriter, Hip Hop’s Sir Blacc broke through in 2017 when his hit single, TONIGHT reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts. An impressive showing for the Banning, California based phenom. Sir Blacc says, “It’s ironic and crazy that Tonight reached #7 on the Billboard Charts because that’s always been my number growing up as an athlete playing Football and basketball.”

The Inland Empire, California based Sir Blacc continues his push toward superstardom. He’s performed live with Snoop, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, E-40, Kurupt and other notable Hip Hop royalty. His association as the face of Eno09ch Clothing Apparel demonstrates the artist’s ability to seamlessly cross from music into fashion making him a multiple threat. Watch “Eno09ch SWEET 16 [LONG VERSION]” on Vimeo: In 2018, Sir Blacc’s drive and determination will surely culminate in yet another chart-topping track. Sir Blacc is a unique artist from Flight 951 and Parlay Entertainment Group

Dr Jones owns Monolog Records and recorded a song with Baby Bash via help of the Hood And Associates Label. He will feature the song “We Live In California” featuring Baby Bash on Undiscovered Gold Volume 5.


HEAT WAVE is from Canada and is featured on Undiscovered Gold Volume 5.


                       NOTLAM                                          CHINKZSTACKZ                 Z69Y  

Growing up in a studio made being creative easy for him. Starting off as a rapper, he eventually transitioned into music production and then finally building the recording studio most people dream of (NOTLAM PRODUCTIONS). Engineering audio has taken his business to a level enabling him to invest in real estate and support his family while having fun doing it. Working 9 to 5 welding jobs was a means to an end at one point, he remembers and rejoices the day he no longer had to answer to anyone but himself and his family. Although NOTLAM is not actively pursuing a life in the spotlight, he still writes because music is self-therapy.  18 years in the business of production & engineering and even longer as an artist, on stage he can be vicious and with the right beat, NOTLAM’S a beast in the booth.

Z69Y or Alexandra Sivan Goresh
Is 22 years old and was raised in Israel joined the IDF at the age of 18  she moved to Toronto. At age 20 she got a job as a DJ in a strip club and was discovered by Chainstakz when he heard her on the mic and got inspired to try to use that into making music with her.

Matthew chan aka Chinkzstackz or just
Chinkz born and raised in Toronto, Canada He  was all about music his whole life but due to circumstances, he spent quite a while in and out of jail. Now in 2018 he is free and lives at home with his wife and 2 of his three kids ! Chinkzstackz is part of Undiscovered Gold Volume 4

Olga Shalashova, 23 year old, was studied in London ICMP Institute and in Moscow jazz college, was performing all life vocal competitions as Voice, X Factor and music events, right now in NYC making music career!

Having family ties in the music business it was only right for Jamal aka AMG-MORALS to step foot in the music industry. At the very young age of 7 he began secretly sneaking into his brothers room who had a Keyboard and trough the years he developed a special love for instruments. This led to experimenting with songwriting and creating his own instrumentals and songs. AMG-MORALS now has a variety of genres he fully embraced, such as R&B Hip-Hop Latin music. These different types of music influenced him and emerged into his own style. Some of the producers he is influenced by are Scott Storch,Timbaland,Dr.Dre,Swizz Beats, boi1da.

Rapper and Songwriter, Colorblindmind is from San Jose, Ca. At the age of 19 he aspires to become a well known rapper through his vivid descriptions with lyrics and fast, rapid pace. With his fast flow and lyrical basis, many have referred to him sounding like a mix of Immortal Technique and Tech N9ne. With an upcoming album soon to be realized, Colorblindmind is eager to show all hip-hop lovers his style. Colorblindmind’s name derived from his extremely rare condition, Achromatic Colorblindness, which prevents him from seeing any colors. Colorblindmind has entered the rap game with a mission on his mind and a message to send. With the ability to create a various amounts of different sounding music, he wishes to make music to appeal to all walks of life.
Steven aka cleevone was born in Fairfield ca, and  raised in the south east side of Chicago growing up in a dysfunctional home which may created the Thrive escaping in the sounds of music his own rhythm and beat started to take form ,now as A young adult ,aspirations of becoming a self proclaimed producer Have fueled his dreams and desires of living for the life in music into reality .
Lil’ Angel (Angel Castaneda) was born and raised in El Centro, CA. He’s had a passion for music at the age of 6 when he first heard “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac Shakur. Started off writing poetry and now putting his words onto music. Putting his hometown on the map and making his passion into his profession are his main goals.

As a teenager Elvis Decena never gave up his dreams of been a Singer-Songwriter he started chasing artist to show then is writing and ideas and undead up as a backup singer in local bands and preparing himself and getting the conference to transform his dreams into passion, motivation in every song he wrote. In the early years 2000 he came out with the name “Decena”  building his own sounds and style, getting better and better than before like the wine. Now with his own name Elvis Decena his music

Is a banger at the club with great sounds making fans from all ages and gender all over the world with his songs.
OZMOSIS  real name, Dominick Anderson,is a San Diego based rapper that grew up in the small town of Fairbanks, Alaska. He started rapping at the age of 18 when he graduated high school but has been involved in music since he was 10. He joined the Marine Corps in 2014, leaving Alaska and bringing him to San Diego. He currently lives in San Diego continuing to work on his music mainly consisting of trap, lo-fi, chillhop, and wave.


Raekwon,21,repping Fayetteville North Carolina and Norfolk va and goes by Cheat.Code.Kwon.  This name was given to him by some friends because in the name He found cheat codes to everything sometimes on accident but now he wants to see if He can cheat Code his way to the top, sending nothing but chill vibes .

Erik Martínez From White Plains, New York, repping 914, as his audience expands slowly but surely. With 1 Mixtape out, & currently working on his second, you can listen to his music on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Tidal, and various other digital stores where music is found. His music has been played on Hot97 by Legend FunkMaster Flex and the upcoming months expecting three new singles to drop.



C Rive or C Rive Da Omen (Christopher Rivera) is an up and coming East Coast Artist born and raised in Elmsford, New York. C Rive’s unorthodox New York style has a mixture of both Old School and Modern Rap.
His versatility and awareness of the different cultures of music influence him to have a unique but familiar sound.

“Richie” (Michael Richwine) is a young up and coming rapper from the East Coast. He was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA. His major musical influences are: Drake, Dave East, Tory Lanez and Lil Skies. His style can be described as both savvy and conscious. Michael decided to pursue his musical career after a near death experience in fall 2017.



William Cordova, artist name “Will See,” was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began playing classical piano when he turned five, and later played classical violin for seven years. At the start of high school, he taught himself to play the guitar and began writing his own songs. After playing in several bands, performing around the city, and winning two battle of the bands competitions, Will went to LA to attend USC for college. Before graduating with a Sociology degree, he began making hip hop beats and posting them on Soundcloud and Youtube. Within eight months, he was discovered by “Lil Brandon,” CEO of iLuvMuny Records, who began shopping his beats to well-known artists and bringing Will to various recording studios. After graduating, Will considered moving to Atlanta to sign with iLuvMuny Records, but instead decided to continue pursuing music on his own. He started working with an artist based in North Carolina called “Jack Doyo.” After releasing five EPs and flying out to NC three times in order to record and manage Jack, Will decided to begin writing his own songs to his own beats. He has since released two EPs, a beat tape, a music video, and over a dozen singles. Currently, Will See is preparing to release his first official album, titled “1:DAY:WILL.SEE,” with the lead single “You & I.”


Mon$e was born in Durango, Mexico and was the youngest of four. Tired of Dealing with an abusive husband, her mother migrated her and her other three children to the US when she was only 5 years old. Here in the US Monse was raised in a small city called La Puente in Southern California.
When Monse was in the 6th grade she remembers telling her basketball coach, “if I dont make it as a basketball player, I will make it as an entertainer.” Since then Monse struggled to find her place in life until she got a notepad, a pen and started writing music.

Dao Jones

Born in White Plains New York on 5-13-1994 Friday the 13th at 5:13am a Rock star by the name of Dao Jones was born. Dao being a man of many talents also thrives in areas of the arts such as, photography, acting, cooking, painting, and modeling. Struggling to hear his words after verbalizing them Dao sought help of a doctor, the same doctor that said he may never be able to rap again.


Damuaskari Preacher

San Diego native Damuaskari Preacher, better known as Preacher raps as a form of internal therapy. Confession his personal demons through relatable topics and realistic experiences while never biting his his tongue. Love’em or hate’em, just don’t ignore him. As your Mother use to yell at you with frustration at your disobedience. Just LISTEN!



Blizzyb, also known as “Green Eyez”, is an MC and model that hails from the Islands of Cape Cod. With Native American and Cape Verdean blood running through him, Blizzyb rhymes with the force of his ancestors but also a smooth coolness that is bred from being a of Native of the Cape Cod Islands in Massachusetts. While perfecting his craft mostly on local circuits and mixtapes for the past few years in California and Massachusetts, Blizzyb is a lyricist who is just as adept at dropping a fire verse off the top of his head as he is at portraying a vivid story that is all his own and rooted in authenticity.


Caleb Pipkin, also known as C Pimp was born on April 24, 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas. His parents split when he was nine which lead to him moving to Austin, Texas with his mom. He spends his days either attending classes at Texas state University or grinding in the studio.


Da Real Spitta an Bay Bezel begun blazing Studios in May, 17 2017.. With 2 hot music videos out on YouTube “Off Da Meter” & “Just Left Da Kitchen” They are currently finishing up their 1st Mixtape titled- O.D.B.D.S/Out Da Booth Dripping Sauce. While also being involved with Mixtape- Undiscovered Gold vol 2. with Hood & Associates. They are a Very Unique talent, brothers of da same Mother, with creative minds and styles, and a hell of a grind, they No doubt have all the things it take to be next up and a Dynamic Duo in the future. Their Currently writing and getting things in order but be on the look out for hit songs like “Blow da whole Bag” “Sincerely Yours” and “In Da Mixx”. And stay tuned Because these Guys are Certified!!! “Chuuuch”!!!

 Angus  is from northernCalifornia where the valleys are seen as a flat wasteland. In a rush to be independent he stormed the west coast with  keyboard in hand and exploited his opinion. He slipped his  words through a metronome and tells us the woods isn’t all One Love and Psilocybin.


2scam and Dyligent are 2 upcoming artists coming out of Arizona. These 2 are a a perfect combination of two styles. Their lyrics and delivery will have you captured, and wanting to hear more.




Yannik (pronounced Ya-neek) (put above photo)

is an up and coming artist coming out of Brooklyn New York, some of his biggest influences are Biggie, Big L, Tupac, J cole, Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar. Yannik makes music for the mind, heart and soul. He vividly describes past experiences using imagery and lyricism. Yannik hopes to spread a positive message while connecting with his listeners




The Group Trimera is composed of 3 members:
Jjaws(17),Rey-Cey(18) and Maxdivine(17)
They live and were born in Germany, which made Ditch of Hood And Associates take notice
They love music and they believe that everybody should make the things in life that they want to.
They want to make music and are happy about doing it. It’s their passion and it helps us to express their feelings of life in Germany and thus share them to others. Hood And Associates is happy to welcome their first Collab artists from Germany.

   A. King

A. King is the Founder & CEO of OuttaSight Clothing, an urban-streetwear brand influenced by rap, Black American culture & all things fashion related. Born on the Southside of Chicago and growing up in the Robert Taylor Projects with six siblings and a single mother, gang violence was the norm. After frequent moves and attending many elementary schools, A. King’s family found stable housing around his freshman year of high school. This allowed him to complete high school & discover his love of giving back to the community by volunteering and mentoring youth. Although A. King studied fashion at Western Illinois University, he also recently worked in the social work field while maintaining Outta Sight Clo. His goal is to create dope ass clothing, bring people together & push the next generation on their road to excellence. Don’t just take it to the next level—Take it Outta Sight!



Rap artist ADHD real name Eric James Pasko was Born In Glen Dale Heights, Illinois, on February 13th 1991.  He was raised by his mother and father. Eric Started writing music after a brain injury in High School, his Freshman year. After 15 years of writing total Eric decided to get serious with music at the end of last year in 2017.  Now a stunning 4 months later he is known in over 9 countries with only one track released.  We all eagerly  await for another.

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D’Asti Rogue

Mississippi born producer and Clarksdale native D’Asti Rogue uses his special blend of rhythm and blues along with punchy bass lines and modular futuristic hip hop anotations that accent the merging of hip hop’s culture along with a soul, pop, and rock vibe to compliment the recipe for the perfect soundtrack. Let’s not forget heavy metal! Born Damien Stone in Clarksdale, MS his stage name is derived from the after effects of listening to those groovy instrumentals telling their own story while leaving one feeling naturally intoxicated by the one who is known to punish the 808’s while directing a symphony of emotion for each melody. Through his Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s encouragement, giving up on the plan to make his music dream become a reality is not an option. With that encouragement young D’Asti used the gifts in music acquired from years of childhood music influences from both grandparents to remain consistent and embark on a journey unparalleled to the masses.




Nick Morales aka St. Nic is young up and coming rap prodigy hailing from the 361 area code of South Texas. Raised in the coastal town of Aransas Pass, St. Nic has known the definition of struggle since birth. From battling Cystic Fibrosis, bouts with the law, and broken relationships St. Nic vents everything through his music giving you a taste of real life with real subjects just about everyone can relate to. Possessing a unique sound you are sure to become a fan quick.







Jesse R. Gonzales
Born October 27th 1989 28 years old
From Mathis Tx
Began playing guitar at the age of 14 and writing music at the age of 17. Self taught musician. Came from a family of musicians. Jesse released his first single in August of 2017 entitled Carry Me









Young Arild

Jonathan Hunter Arild is otherwise known as the rapper  Young Arild.  He was born in Palo Alto, California in the Bay Area.   He lives with his Family in Auburn and makes music with his friends while he  goes to School. He has been working in music since he was 9 years old.

He started writing and recording lyrics over already made beats on his iPod touch his 8th grade year.  Throughout High School he started using Garage Band and making his beats to put lyrics over he dropped his first song  junior year of High School. He released several singles before dropping his first 7 track Mixtape: Perspective.  He continues to write and record songs and is happy to be working with Hood And Associates in Undiscovered Gold Volume 1.



Born as Nana, in Port Au Prince Haiti, The Real Lady Don had to learn how to have faith in God at a young age. Surrounded by disease poverty and hopelessness, God made his existence known to her at a young age regardless of the evils and destruction that she was surrounded by.
“I say my greatest passage that has helped me in my life to survive and Dark Places is Plasm 23 verse 4: Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. The love and word as well as the power of God has had the most influence in my life. “ says The Real Lady Don of her hardship
“As a young girl I use to gather at the church alter to sing in front of the congregation. The presence of God in my life has blessed me and gifted me with many talents causing me to want to express myself through ART writing, cooking as well as other organizational details. “
The Real Lady Don’s dream is to use her talents to build a church for the wild, remind people of the goodness of God and most of all maybe help direct some of her people back to the light for, as she says, “this life can sometimes be so dark”.
She is Hoping that her music and her prayers can spring life into those that have ears to listen. The real Lady Don can be found on social media via the following links:
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]




KiNG MYDA$ Born in Compton California, raised and molded by the streets.  King Mydas is an upcoming rap artist that writes and produces his own unique music.  King Mydas grew up with a single mother who had him at the age of 17.  When he was 12 years old, the loss of his beloved grandfather led him to attempt suicide, and become an habitual runaway.

This destructive lifestyle was an introduction to a path of recklessness, experiencing juvenile hall, becoming a ward of the court, and receiving a felony all by the age of 16. Living with his Grandmother, King Mydas did have a positive outlet, through sports, with his first love, soccer.  Yet, the lure of the streets reeled him into a criminal lifestyle.

Mesmerized by the drug dealing culture, King Mydas found himself following this path.  When listening to his songs one can share and feel his pain, sorrow, experiences and blessings.  It’s MYDAS…



Cain Hernandez, rapper name “Cane Mex” aka “C Mex” from (LatinBoss Rap Group) based out of Los Angeles was born in Handford, California not to far from Fresno. his passion for music didn’t really start till his teenage days growing up in West LA were he started writing and rapping about the things he seen growing up.
He also got introduced to the streets, gang violence and facing incarceration and state time around 2006 paroling in 2008 focusing in another direction he aimed more on his music, being around rappers like “Kokoe” and “Dj Paul” (36 mafia) to photo shoots with “Kid Frost” and working with many local rappers and producers in L.A.
In 2016 he released his first album on his own titled “LatinBoss Gz” with his hit single “That’s Gangsta” which mostly created a street buzz And “Trust No 1” witch was featured in a movie tilted “Trust No 1” early 2018, to doing shows in local city’s with artist like (knocturnal, BadAzz from DeathRow, Spice1, LilRob, ShugaFree, WestCoastKam and many more..) he is now working with his group on various projects like the (NarcoTrap EP) prod by 89 productions, coming soon.. and runs his own clothing line (LatinBossClothing)


Jormaniak believed music was born in him ever since moving to Mexico and discovering a lone guitar on the wall in his family home. He use to listen to linkin park, white stripes, blink 182, green day all the way to eminem, 50 cent, and different types of music genres.

This sparked a fire in him to make him want to make music on his own. He picked up that dusty guitar which was missing two strings and learned on his own how to play his favorite songs by ear. At age 8, his mom was so impressed she paid for guitar lessons for him. His musical talent comes from his granfather. Jormaniak loves art and culture and has given up his dream of being a professional soccer player in hopes of achieving major success in the music business.

He is happy to team up with Hood And Associates on the Undiscovered Gold Volume 1 music compilation in Spring 2018. He was also picked up by Ditch to work with Mally Mall on the song “The Last Word” out May 25 2018.





RatedR4Rashad Is A Upcoming Rapper, Song Writer, Visionary, Thee C.E.O Of R.Star Music & Founder Of R.Star Clothing BRAND.
Born in Boston Massachusetts growing up in the Roxbury Neighborhoods with his mother and father. Track & Field Was A Sport Forced upon RatedR4Rashad as a Child Which Kept Him Busy & Out The Mean Streets Of Boston, where kids grow up in rough conditions, and neighborhood beefs are common.
RatedR4Rashad attended madison park technical vocational high school class of 2006.
Rated R4 Rashad lost his Father to cancer In 2008. He became a father for the first time to a beautiful baby girl In 2011. The artist has 28 other siblings and a son with a strong loving mother who has battled and defeated breast cancer in 2016 with more cancer attacking her cells now, Rashad hopes to use music as a way to gain money for her treatments.


Raymond Hatcher, also known as Killa Ray Beats, is an American music producer, writer and former Recording Artist. From 1992-1996 he performed as a recording artist.Killa Ray Beats has been working on many indie projects over the years and has been perfecting his sound. He currently has collaborated with a few major music producers who have worked with the likes of Kevin Gates, Kodak Black, Migos, Future, Jay Critch and many more. Killa Ray is continuing to network and make his name known in the music industry. He continues to produce various genres of music and also still writes lyrics for other artist.



Bryon was raised on a large farm in southeastern Minnesota. At an early age he became interested in art and enjoys painting, metal sculpture and many other forms of art. He is a professional photographer shooting landscapes and macros and has one photo book published. He is also a musician and works with ambient sound textures using guitars and synthesizers and effects pedals. He says he can hear it and see and feel it everywhere.