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Frequency was born in Chandler, Arizona and was raised in Mesa, Arizona. He has lived in more than five cities throughout Arizona. He began rapping back in 2011 doing free styles  with a few friends and eventually started to write his own songs. He recorded his first song in 2012 at his cousins house. Later that year, he went on to make a few more recorded songs and put them on a SoundCloud. This creaed an underground buzz,which would eventually lead to rapper and producer Ditch discovering him. His lyrics are about his struggles growing up, putting them into songs and musical poetry rather than continuing to make the same mistakes are lyrically what Frequency is about. He went on to perfect his rap skills by free-styling at parties and with friends where people would always say “man you have really good bars for a white boy you need to do this for real”. What Frequency witnessed moving from city to city and house to house is well explained in his lyrics. Frequency was signed to Hood And Associates in August of 2015 and has already begun recording for his debut album (The Frequency) at Hybrid Studios in Orange County, California. He has already recorded with Lil Nate Dogg and Ditch.