EDM Rap Pak

The *Kings of Future Rap Baby Bash, Lil Nate Dogg, SEN Dog (of Cypress Hill),  and 2 other yet to be announced mainstream artists will perform their greatest hits remixed to EDM/Trap and Dubstep with raw and emerging artists rapper Frequency, Ashe, and Marionna, and featuring the new EDM teen band sensations out of Coachella … IIIZ. The fusion of hip hop/ alternative/ pop and house genres to EDM is now complete and this show will blow you away! Nothing is synthetic as watching DJ’s fist pump all night.   Now you get to see real mainstream artists perform the music live on stage along with the mind blowing pyro, lighting and explosions you get from an EDM show! Be prepared to watch the future of EDM live onstage in this Extravaganza!