Randolph, ceo of  Hood and Associates, has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 7. His mother, Bonnie was an empresario and set up entertainment shows throughout the world.

Randolph was Michigan’s youngest black belt and two-time national karate champion. He traveled with the New Olympians International Show team (“NOIST) as a performer in sold-out shows nationally and internationally. He assisted his mother with all business deals related to the team. NOIST was the first performing troupe to break the iron curtain in performing in Russia and China. NOIST was comprised of dancers, acrobats, baton twirlers, gymnast and became the United States’ official goodwill ambassadors under President Gerald Ford.

Randolph’s older brother, Rory  is a national fire baton champion and was one of the stars of NOIST. Rory would impress the crowds as he twirled four fire batons at one time in an amazingly breath-taking show. He would leave the audience in complete awe of his talents. Rory was instrumental in the choreography and special effects of various performances including the use of pyrotechnics and concert stage lighting. Rory  would also be a consultant to the bands choreography and showmanship.

Randolph  considers his mother his biggest influence. He admired her good-hearted nature and intense work ethic and thus, he set out to be his own influential force. He founded Young Champions, a nonprofit sponsored youth organization that helps keep America’s kids off the streets and redirect their energy into a healthy lifestyle. Being in this business for over 30 years, the organization has taught millions of students across the United States in after-school recreational sports.

 Randolph has a keen eye for finding talent and exerts wonderful showmanship. Randolph  has produced shows featuring Olympic champion, Shannon Miller and 30 other national and world champions. Randolph has personally attended over live 500 musical Concerts in his lifetime and has been involved in various aspects of show business his whole life. Randolph has played an active role in furthering the career of his niece, Dakota . She portrayed the role of District Girl #10 in “The Hunger Games” and also sang the national anthem at a recent Clipper game and Charlotte NASCAR event. Randolph is also currently working on a screenplay that his niece Dakota will star in.

In 2014 Randolph continued focus on his Television, Film and music label Tricom Entertainment. He also teamed up with recording artist rapper Ditch (Ditch on IMDB) 1 to form Hood And Associates a talent management music company working with young emerging talent. Randolph and Ditch also began a Entertainment news website called “Focus One News” www.focusonenews.com which daily posts the latest and hottest music news. 

He has begun pre production on several television shows including: Name That Movie, Bachelors In Paradise, and others. He has also written a screen play entitled Bonnie B***h which tells his life story and rise to success. A man who owns yachts, a helicopter, and an amazing Southern California beachside mansion, and still works like he has from day one. Randolph will soon become a name in Television, film and music.